Our Story

FINCOCOSMETIC was created from a simple idea to provide Makeup Artist, entrepreneurs, freelancers, influencers, beauty salons with affordable private label cosmetics with low MOQ. Combine high-end cosmetics with FINCOCOSMETIC's marketing strategy for you to speed up your development.

Our journey started with cosmetics manufacturer in China, and has grown to become a companion growth system for worldwide with 3,000+ makeup formulas, providing everyone with industry-leading fully customizable makeup, ultimately achieving a win-win


Our Vision

Now, our vision has been extended to quickly achieve everyone's branding influence through an affordable, low-MOQ private label solution. Not just cosmetics, Follow us we will develop more categories

To achieve this, all FINCOCOSMETIC products are closely researched and developed with users and industry experts so that only the best product and service can enter the business of FINCOCOSMETIC customers and counting.

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