Whether you're choosing lip makeup, eye makeup, or face makeup today, you need to follow these steps to determine the true color for you or your client.

1. Identify the color of your part.

If your customers have a variety of skin tones or eyes have a variety of colors, then you need to choose products based on their skin color or eyes.

Different skin tones need different foundation colors and lipstick shades. If you choose eye shadows also have to refer to eye colors. To make every one of your customers happy. We recommend listening to our advice before buying.


2. Test before ordering.

The images on our website are in the truest colors possible, but the colors may change a bit due to everyone's different screen and lighting.

So I suggest that communicate well with our shopping guides before purchasing. Or go to our private label sample kit collection to pick up sample packs to pick out the color that works best for your client.


3, Pay attention to matching.

A perfect makeup feast goes far beyond just using one product. If you need to show a perfect color match, naturally, you need some sets.
For example, if you choose some eye shadow, you must choose the correct color of mascara and eyeliner. For mascara and eyeliner, black is all-match almost all the time.
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