Eye Makeup Sample Kit (All In One)

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  • 14pcs Eyeshadow Palette  | totally 165 colors(matte+shimmer+glitter)
  • 10pcs liquid eyeshadow with different colors
  • 9pcs 3D Silk Fiber Mascara with different colors
  • 10pcs eyebrow pomade with different colors
  • 6pcs eyebrow pencils with different colors
  • 12pcs eyeliner with different colors
  • 1pc eye primer
  • 9pcs Gilter Pro Eyeshadow Powder with different colors
  • 9pcs Chameleon Shimmer Eyeshadow
  • Choose your items and order. PS: each product(can mix color) should ≥15 units , otherwise we will charge you a logo fee.

  • Send your logo to us via email:support@fincocosmetic.com

  • We will send you back the logo effect on products. Once you confirm, start production.

  • Our production will take about 3-7 days according to your quantities. The shipping time will be 3 - 7 Days.
*Noted:Confirm our price table above then if you want the private label cosmetics, contact us first to confirm the logo requirements. Click here to contact us.